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Ethiopian Transport Authority Vehicle Testing to Begin

The Ethiopian Transport Authority expects to commence automated vehicle testing as soon as next month it was reported. The authority is close to set standards for vehicle testing in Ethiopia.

The standards are being modeled on those established by other countries such as Indonesia and Kenya and customized to fit the realities in Ethiopia according to officials at the authority.

Some technicians express concern that the standards are set too high for many cars in Ethiopia. The new standards will mandate testing for brakes, efficient suspension and exhaust emission as well as the authenticity of the chassis and the overall condition of the car body.

A particular cause for concern is the test for emissions which may incur high maintenance costs on some vehicles.

The impact of the new standards is difficult to anticipate according to Meshesha Haile Financial Operational and Adminstrative Manager of Gigar, one of the ten companies selected to conduct testing.

The Ethiopian Transport Authority claims that the new standards are based on random inspections it carried out.

It is to be remembered that the eight companies selected to provide the inspection services are Global Insurance, Gigar Trading, Care Tech plc, Hagbes plc, Tikur Abay Transport SC, MN Drivers plc, Orbis and Reis Engineering.

Source: Addis Fortune