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Ethiopia: Long Trade Chain Affects Cement Prices and Availability, Mines Minister

cement-bagsEthiopia's Minister of Mines, Takele Uma, said a long trade chain in the sale of cement is one of the root causes that inflates cement prices. Consequently, he remarked, cement manufacturers have yet to distribute over 2.6 million tons of cement for which they have already received payment.

The long trade chain causes a delay in the time required for manufactured cement to reach end customers, Mr. Takele remarked. Moreover, it causes the price of cement to rise, as well as negatively impact the reach of raw materials. 

To help solve the problem, the Minister related, his Ministry has instructed the cement factories to distribute the cement for which they have already received payment, as well as improve their productivity.

In order to facilitate the sales of cement, a directive devised in consultation with the Ministry of Trade, as well as other stakeholders and cement manufacturers, will be put in place soon, Mr. Takele said. 

Source: Takele Uma, Ministry of Mines (Facebook)