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Ethiopia Revises Fuel Prices

fuelThe Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration announced revised retail prices for fuel, effective from tomorrow December 10, 2021. The Ministry cited depletion of the fuel price stabilization fund, mentioning the fund kept fuel prices stable despite continuous global price rise of fuel, as one of the reasons for the price increment.

The Ministry also said the relatively lower prices of fuel in Ethiopia compared to neighboring countries has been a cause for contraband sales of fuel, and the price adjustment also aims to address that.

Here is the revised price of the different types of fuel/gas.

Fuel Type Revised Price,
per liter
Previous Price,
per liter
Benzene 31.74 birr 25.82 birr
Blended fuel 
(a mix of benzene and ethanol)
21.19 birr 25.32 birr
Diesel 28.94 birr 23.04 birr
Kerosene 28.94 birr 23.04 birr
Light black diesel 23.73 birr 20.27 birr
Hard black diesel 23.29 birr 19.77 birr
Airplane fuel 58.77 birr 38.60 birr 

Source: Fana BC