Israel's Mining Companies "Committed" to Continue Investment in Ethiopia

takele-leka-miningSenior management of Leica Geosystems, a company headquartered in Israel involved in mining operations in Ethiopia, have met and held talks with Takele Uma, Ethiopia's Minister of Mines. On the occasion, the company's management have expressed their commitment to continue their investment in Ethiopia.

Mr. Takele has expressed thanks to the Israeli mining company for "standing with the Ethiopian people and government", highlighting that private investment remains highly valued at this current season of turmoil.

Reta Alemu, Ethiopia's Ambassador to Israel, said the participation of Israeli companies in mining in Ethiopia has been "encouraging". He further highlighted how the involvement of the private sector can help strengthen the long-standing ties between Ethiopia and Israel. 

Source: FBC (Amharic)

Image Source: Takele Uma, Ethiopia's Minister of Mines (Twitter)

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