Andre Shoes Starts Exporting from Ethiopia's Dire Dawa Industrial Park to the Italian Market

leather-bootsA leather goods production company, Andrea Shoes, based in Ethiopia's Dire Dawa Industrial Park, started exporting its products to the Italian market. In this first batch, the company has exported over 18,600 pairs of shoes, generating $80,336 in revenues.

The company has invested $750 million on its facility which rests on 5,500 m2, at Dire Dawa Industrial Park, 

During its first round of production activity, the company has created total employment for 229 workers - 152 women and 77 men. As the company embarks on its second phase expansion, it aims to create additional employment for 450 people.

Andrea Shoes makes women’s leather shoes, bags, and other leather goods, and seeks to expand its market to Europe and North America, it has been learned.

In the second phase, the company plans to expand its operations, which will result in the creation of more than 450 additional job possibilities, bringing the total number of employee job chances to 700.

Inaugurated in 2020, Dire Dawa Industrial Park currently houses 15 production sheds, 5 manufacturing companies, and over 1300 employees. The industrial park has generated $7.8 million during its first year of operations. 


Source: FBC

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