Ethiopia Commodity Exchange Trades Commodities Worth 4.4Bn Birr in 4 Months

ECX LogoEthiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX ) announced that it has traded over 51,000 tons of commodities worth 4.4 billion birr during the first four months of the Ethiopian fiscal year that started on July 8, 2021.

Coffee and sesame jointly contributed almost 65 percent of the commodities, 17,690 and 15,445 tons of each being traded during the period, respectively.

Moreover, ECX has traded 4,731 tons of soybean, 3,368 tons of green mung bean, 1,904 tons of multi-colored mung bean, 215 tons of red mung bean, and five tons of pea.

The average trading value of commodities has increased to 7,841 birr during the four months since July when it was 7,235 birr. Compared to the same season the previous year, the amount has nearly doubled, it has been learned.

ECX has noted its plans to include additional commodities to trade this fiscal year. 

Source: FBC (Amharic)

Exchange Rates

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GBP 62.1570  60.9382 
EUR 55.0759  53.9960 
CHF 50.3657  49.3781 
CAD 34.5901  33.9119 
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