Ethiopia Preparing to Export 60+ Agricultural and Industrial Products

Ethiopian-Investment-CommissionEthiopian Investment Commission (EIC) announced that Ethiopia is preparing to export over sixty types of agricultural and industrial products to improve its forex earning.

Samuel Assefa, Director of Export Projects Facilitation at EIC, pointed out Ethiopia is already exporting agricultural and industrial products to American, European, Asian, and other African markets. Furthermore, efforts are in full swing to expand increase such exports and their market reach, undergirded by related market research, he said.

The market research, Mr. Samuel remarked, will help Ethiopia earn more forex while resisting undue economic pressure from certain countries. He also called on the concerted efforts of all stakeholders to do what is expected of them for success to be achieved.

Efforts are underway to maintain quality standards of agricultural and products, Mr. Samuel said, adding that the mining sector has a significant role to play to ensure sustained forex earnings.

Pointing out that Ethiopia has abundant resources but an unmatched low amount of exports, the Director said "a lot needs to be done in the future." 

Source: ENA (Amharic)

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