Ethiopian Adds 32nd Dash 8-400 to Its Fleet

et-dash-8De Havilland Aircraft announced that it has delivered Ethiopian Airlines 32nd Dash 8-400 aircraft. Ethiopian received its first Dash 8-400 from the Canadian aircraft manufacturer in March 2010. In a tweet, De Havilland Aircraft has said it wishes Ethiopian and its strategic airline partners "much ongoing success."

Ethiopian is equipped with an authorized service facility for Dash 8-400, along with a simulator with the aircraft. Recently, the carrier has added a second simulator for Dash 8-400. By doing so, Ethiopian aims to deliver much of the training required for the aircraft in its own premises, in addition to being an African hub for Dash 8-400 operations.

The Dash 8-400 is the most productive turboprop on the market, according to De Havilland's website. Known as the “network builder” due to its short take-off and landing capabilities and efficient regional operations, it comes equipped with more seats, more legroom, more cargo and offers more flights per day.

Sources: De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Website and Twitter (Including Image), FBC

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