Ethiopia Plans to Earn $1.2 Bn from Coffee Exports in Current FY

coffee-beans-roastedEthiopia's Minister of Agriculture announced its plans to earn $1.2 billion from coffee exports in the current Ethiopian fiscal year that started July 8, 2021. The figure aims for a 30 percent increase compared to earnings from the previous year.

Umer Hussein, Ethiopia's Minister of Agriculture, said the government is committed to modernizing the coffee development sectors and pointed out that there are undergoing efforts to support the sector with relevant technology.

In the previous fiscal year, Ethiopia has earned some $927 million from coffee, 25 percent of the total over $3.62 billion of the total earning from exports during the year. The plan to earn $1.2 billion from coffee exports this year aims to increase the earning by 30 percent via increasing coffee productivity, improving technologies, and providing adequate support to the investors engaged in the sector.

Source: ENA

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