Ethiopia to Build 71 Power Projects in 10 Years

ethiopian-electric-power-logoEthiopian Electric Power said Ethiopia plans to build 71 power projects over the next ten years, at a cost of over $40 billion. Out of the 71 projects, 16 are hydropower, 24 wind, 17 steam, and 14 solar.

Andualem Siae, CEO of Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), said the projected cost is expected to be covered by EEP, the Ethiopian government, private and public partnerships, the African Development Bank, the World Bank, and other development partners and financiers.

The power projects, the CEO pointed, are part of EEP's 10-year plan. 

Saudi Arabia's Aqua Power Company will build two of the 14 solar projects, Mr. Andualem noted, preparations for which are being made. He also noted negotiations are underway with the UAE's Amia Company to build the Aisha I wind farm project. Bidding is being conducted to award developers for the remaining wind power projects, the CEO related.

Steam power projects at Tulu Moye and Corbeti have already begun by private developers, Mr. Andualem pointed out.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald

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