ALYI Bringing Its EV Rideshare Pilot To Ethiopia

alyi-logoAlternet Systems, Inc. (“ALYI”), an electric mobility business headquartered in Miami, Florida (USA), announced that the company is expanding its Electric Vehicle (EV) Rideshare Business Pilot to Ethiopia. ALYI stated the pilot expansion in Ethiopia has been in the works for approximately the whole of last year. Randell Torno, CEO of ALYI, has visited Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa earlier this month to finalize expansion plans.

The company launched a pilot in Kenya in July in conjunction with a 2,000 electric motorcycle order. Randell Torno, CEO of ALYI, expects to begin delivering on the 2,000 electric motorcycle order before the end of the year. 

“Where Kenya uses motorcycles as taxis and delivery vehicles, Ethiopia uses three-wheeled ‘Tuk Tuks, [locally called Bajajs]’” said Dr. Torno. “So part of the groundwork involved in our expansion to Ethiopia included finding a Tuk Tuk manufacturer open to an EV collaboration. We now have a manufacturer relationship and expect to have our first electric Tuk Tuk’s on the road in Ethiopia soon, well before the end of the year.”

The global motorcycle taxi market was valued by Verified Market Research at $16 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to over 29 billion by 2026.

ALYI has seeded an overall EV Ecosystem Business Strategy with the development of its own EV motorcycle business discussed above.

Source: Global Newswire 

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