Ethio Telecom Launches 4G LTE in Eastern, Southern Ethiopia

lte-eastern-regionEthiopia's sole telecom services provider Ethio Telecom has launched its LTE Advanced 4G mobile network in Wolaita Sodo, Wolkite, Jinka, Arbaminch, Butajira, and Hosaena towns in the southern region of Ethiopia. Likewise, Ethio Telecom has launched the service in the towns of Jigjiga, Gode, Fik, Degehabur, Wardeir, and Kebridehar in Ethiopia's eastern Somali region.

Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio Telecom, indicated the company seeks to make the 4G LTE mobile network in 103 towns across Ethiopia.

Sources: Ethio Telecom Twitter Page, FBC

Image Source: Ethio Telecom Twitter Page 

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