Ethiopian Ministry of Revenues Collects Over $4.75 Bn in Eight Months

revenues-ministry-logoEthiopia’s Ministry of Revenue said it has collected a revenue of over $4.755 billion (191.4 billion birr) during the first eight months of the 2020/21 fiscal year which started on July 8, 2020.

The amount has an increase of 24.63 billion birr compared to the same period last year, the Ministry said. The revenue collected exceeds the target set for the period by 0.9 percent.

Out of the 191.4 billion birr, 116.7 billion birr (close to 61 percent) has been collected from domestic tax, 74.59 billion from import tax, and 154.46 million from lottery sales.

Taking into account turbulent situations in certain parts of Ethiopia, "the general performance could be seen as encouraging,” the Ministry concluded.

Source: Ethiopian Monitor

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