Ghana's mPharma Agrees with Ethiopia's Belayab to Launch Haltons Pharmacies

haltons-pharmacy-logoThe Ghanian pharmaceutical company mPharma has signed an agreement with Ethiopia's Belayab Pharmaceuticals PLC to launch Haltons Pharmacies. Haltons Pharmacies will operate as a franchisee of mPharma.

Gregory Rockson, co-founder and CEO of mPharma, on the occasion of signing the agreement, remarked, "Our partnership with Belayab Pharmaceuticals PLC is a great opportunity to develop sustainable and scalable health impact in Ethiopia by improving access to quality essential medicines for affordable and safe treatment."

Mr. Rockson added the launching of Haltons Pharmacies "highlights the strong commitment of both organizations to ensuring that medicines of all kinds are made accessible and affordable for all Ethiopians."

mPharma has 850 pharmacies and drugstores in six African countries, according to the company's website.

Source: FBC


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