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Ethiopia to Build New Agro Industrial Park

agro-industry-park-genEthiopia's Oromia Industrial Parks Development Corporation inked an agreement for the construction of an agro-industrial park resting on 250 hectares of land at a cost of 7.8 billion birr. The industrial park, which is to be built in the town of Nekemte, will be constructed by Walabu Construction Share Company.

Signing the agreement were Sisay Gemechu, Head of Oromia Industrial Parks Development Corporation Bureau, and Dereje Ermias, Head of Walabu Construction Share Company.

On the occasion of the signing of the contract, Mr. Sisay said the construction of the park will be completed in three years. He added that the government will cover the full cost of the park's construction.

The construction of the park will create employment for over 3,000 people, the bureau head pointed out. When it goes functional, it is expected to create more than 50,000 jobs in its various plants of industrial processing.

Moreover, Mr. Sisay highlighted, the industrial park will create direct market linkages between the industries and farmers. It will do so by using local inputs obtained from various areas in Wollega and Shoa zones.

The agro-industrial park is expected to attract foreign and domestic investors engaged in agro-processing products to be exported for the international market, accomodating a variety of plants used to process coffee, tea, oilseeds and grains, fruits and vegetables, food grains, meat, and poultry products and eggs, honey, and dairy products.


Source: FBC