Johnson Johnson's Janssen Pharmaceuticals To Enter Ethiopian Market

janssen-logoMohsen Ramez, Managing Director of Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, told Hirtu Zemene, Ethiopia's Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg, and EU institutions that he "understands the potential" of Ethiopia's market, and Janssen is already in the process of entering the Ethiopian market as it has begun the process of registering four of their medicinal products.

Mr. Ramez made the remark following his discussion with Ambassador Hirtu regarding investment opportunities in Ethiopia's pharmaceutical sector. Ambassador Hirut and the Embassy’s economic diplomacy section gave a detailed presentation to the company on the wide-ranging opportunities that exist in the pharmaceutical sector in Ethiopia, as well as briefing them on policy-level, infrastructural, and market incentives, inviting Janssen to explore the market in Ethiopia.

Herwig Janssen, the son of the founder and former president of the company who was present during the discussion, remarked they are interested in partnering with local pharmaceutical companies in Ethiopia for knowledge transfer and to help advance pharmaceutical technology.

Both sides agreed to exchange information and work together to further explore the business opportunities of the sub-sector in Ethiopia.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is the pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson and is regarded to be one of the most innovative and inspiring pharmaceutical researchers of the 21st century.

Source: FBC

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