Turkish Company KUMTEL Opens Ethiopian Coffee Shop in Istanbul

kumtel-logoThe Turkish home and electric appliances manufacturer KUMTEL has opened an Ethiopian coffee house in Istanbul, Turkey, with its own packaging facility.

KUMTEL has branded the variety of Ethiopian coffee beans it processes and packages in Turkey "Addis Ababa Coffee." The place "will be at service with a mixture of Turkish coffee culture and the Ethiopian coffee experience."

In doing so, KUMTEL hopes to avail this unique experience by its special blend coffees, where it said the first coffeehouse in the world has been opened 450 years ago in Galata.

The company has opened its first coffee shop in the Karakoy area at the heart of Istanbul, and has said it plans to open 100 coffee shops in cities throughout Turkey.

Wondimu Gezahegn, Consul General, and diplomats from the Istanbul Consulate General paid a visit to the shop and conferred with Mustafa Faruk YILMAZ, the General Manager of Addis Ababa Coffee factory on the ways of cooperation to the further promotion of the Ethiopian coffee.

KUMTEL is a Turkish company currently engaged in the manufacturing of electrical household equipment in Sebeta town, Ethiopia.



Sources: FBC, ENA

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