Ethiopian Ministry of Revenues Collects Over 107 Bn Birr in 4 Months

revenues-ministry-logoEthiopia's Ministry of Revenues announced that it has collected over 107.6 million birr in the past four months. The amount exceeds the target set for the period, standing at 103 percent.

Lake Ayalew, Minster of Revenues, also noted that the collected amount has shown an increase of 17.3 billion birr compared to the same period last year. The minister credited the increase in the amount of revenue collected to an overall improvement in abiding by the law, as well as an improved work caliber among the workers of the ministry. He also said the accessibility of electronic means of tax payment was also a major factor.

The ministry will strive to perform even better, rectifying gaps in their work, the minister reaffirmed. He further said citizens need to demonstrate the love they have for their country by paying their taxes honestly and in a timely manner.

Source: Ministry of Revenues Facebook Page

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