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Ethiopia: A New Delivery and Local Businesses App Released

eBiz Online Solutions PLC announced the release of its new app named Megbia ( This app helps users find local businesses and order food takeout and delivery from anywhere in Addis Ababa. Developed in house by the parent company of, Megbia has the Ethiopian audience in mind since its inception.megbia_logo

eBiz disclosed that hundreds of restaurants and thousands of local businesses are listed on the app. Users can get takeout and delivery service from dozens of restaurants.

Addis Assefa, editor and coordinator at eBiz, said, "The project has taken nearly two years to come to fruition. The first year was spent in developing the business concept and data collection, and the second year was spent in developing the app and refining the concept."

Addis added that a lot of thought and action went into making the app as user friendly as possible. The app can be used in English and Amharic and switching between languages can easily be done by shaking one's phone. In addition, users can search for businesses by typing names of businesses, and also names of neighbourhoods. According to Addis, this is invaluable in a place like Addis Ababa where people hardly use street names but instead use names of neighbourhoods. One can also use the location service on one's phone and search for local businesses. Addis added, "Ordering food and drinks takes only a couple of clicks. We have dozens of restaurants listed and many more restaurants are joining every day. You'll definitely find one of your favourite restaurants on the app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store." eBiz is also working to make the app available on App Store for customers who use Apple phones.


eBiz has a fully functioning call centre - 6131 - to accept and dispatch users’ orders and answer questions related to the company's portfolio of web and mobile apps. Moreover, customers can place an order via the call centre if they are facing difficulty with the app or with internet connectivity.

eBiz Online Solutions PLC is the owner of, Ethiopia’s biggest business portal that has been around for over 11 years.

Source: Press Release from Ebiz Online Solutions PLC

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