Ethiopian Wins Award for Overall Excellence for Outstanding Crisis Leadership

Ethiopian Airlines Logo flagEthiopian Airlines Group has won the ‘Overall Excellence for Outstanding Crisis Leadership 2020 Award’ from Global Finance magazine. The award recognizes companies that went above and beyond in responding to the global pandemic crisis and in assisting their customers, protecting their employees and providing critical support to society at large.

“We are glad to have won the ‘Overall Excellence for Outstanding Crisis Leadership 2020 Award’ which recognizes our distinct capabilities of successful management of multiple crises taking place simultaneously like a perfect storm,” Tewolde GebreMariam, Ethiopian Group CEO, remarked.

Mr. Tewolde noted, despite the coronavirus pandemic, Ethiopian has "demonstrated resilience, agility and speed of decision making and special competency in fast redeployment of organizational resources to our Cargo division to airlift life-saving COVID-19 PPE and medical supplies." He called attention to the fact that the airline has reconfigured 25 passenger airplanes for cargo-only flights while also availing the remaining passenger airplanes for repatriation of stranded people to connect with their loved ones back home.

"As a socially responsible airline, we stood in solidarity with the world during the unprecedented crisis and served communities around the globe to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic challenges. We are ready to repeat the remarkable and globally recognized success in leading the fast delivery of life-saving PPE’s with similar delivery speed and professional handling during the forthcoming global distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine,” the CEO added.

Ethiopian is among the global airlines which played a leading role in transporting medical supplies and stranded people after COVID-19 struck. Since the outbreak, Ethiopian operated over 360 charter cargo flights and carried medical supplies to over 80 countries besides reuniting more than 63,000 citizens of different countries through charter repatriation flights.

Source: Ethiopian Airlines Press Release sent to

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