Ethiopian Gets Two More Airbus A350-900

Ethiopian-A350Ethiopian Airlines received two new Airbus A350-900 aircraft, adding to its 14 Airbus fleet. These two are the first of ten A350-900 it ordered in 2017.

Mesfin Tasew, Chief Operating Officer at Ethiopian, noted it has been four years since the airline started operating with A350-900. Ethiopian takes delivery of the new aircraft at a time when air transport is suffering the blow of the coronavirus pandemic globally, he added: while many airlines are reportedly downsizing, Ethiopian is expanding.

“This shows that Ethiopian Airlines is founded on a strong vision, capacity to execute its vision even though it has similar challenges to other airlines,” Mr. Mesfin stressed.

In a related note, recently, in relation to COVID-19, Ethiopian has transported and delivered to Ethiopia's Ministry of Health and a humanitarian organization some five tons of humanitarian aid, medical supplies, as well as IT equipment from France to Ethiopia in partnership with the Airbus Foundation and other donors from Europe.

Seharela Abdullahi, Ethiopia's State Minister of Health, thanked Ethiopian Airlines for its "tremendous support" in fighting COVID-19.

Source: ENA

Image Source: Airbus


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