Ethiopia to Award Two Telecom Licenses to Bidders

The Ethiopian Communication Authority (ECA) said two telecom operators will be issued licenses to operate in Ethiopia till March 2021. Balcha Reba, Director-General of the Authority, said bidding documents review for the two licenses is nearing completion. 

The bidding process will start in October and will remain open for up to 40-50 days. Service improvement and national security are criteria given special emphasis, he said.

The move, it was reported, is expected to help Ethiopians have access to more efficient telecom services.

As part of the telecom sector reform activities, the Ethiopian government decided to sell 40% of its stake in Ethio-telecom to foreign companies

In addition to this, it is to be recalled that the Ethiopian government aims to privatize 45 percent shares of Ethio Telecom, the sole telecom services provider in Ethiopia so far which is under the sole ownership of the government. Of this, 5 percent will be reserved to be sold for Ethiopian citizens.

Source: FBC


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