Ethiopia Introduces New Birr Notes

new-birr-notes-2020Ethiopia today unveiled new Birr notes for 10, 50, and 100 denominations, with the introduction of a new Birr 200 note, Prime Minister Abiy announced in a tweet. The new notes will curb the financing of illegal activities, and also help prevent corruption and contraband, PM Abiy added. The 5 birr note, however, remains unchanged.
Enhanced security features on the new notes will also cease counterfeit production, the PM also noted in his tweet.

Most of the print work is currently underway in Ethiopia within the vault of the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE). Distribution mechanism and planning having been developed and will go in effect through concerned bodies. Security plays a key component in the currency change process and relevant authorities together with members of the community will enforce secure implementation.

A Federal command post that includes National Defense, NISS, and Federal Police will be set up to oversee this process with the expectation that Regional Command Posts will also be set up, the Office of the Prime Minister underlined.

While Ethiopia has never had a symbol to represent its currency, a new symbol has been designed and will be soon unveiled to symbolize the Birr.

Exchange Rates

USD 38.6303  37.8728 
EUR 45.8773  44.9777 
GBP 48.9924  48.0318 
CAD 26.7486  26.2241 
AED 9.5169  9.3303 
CHF 40.5316  39.7369