Ethiopia's Capital Launches New COVID-19 Prevention Project

Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, will benefit from a COVID-19 prevention project the city administration is putting in place to protect the people of the city, the administration announced. As part of the project, 1.2 million residents of Addis will receive sanitation and hygienic supplies in varying amounts based on their family sizes. Awareness creation about the pandemic will also be part of the project.

Themed “Our Health Is in Our Hands,” the project is scheduled to run for the coming six months. Jointly organizing the project are the Dalberg Group and a team of charity organizations, along with public and private institutions, the Press Secretariat of Addis Ababa Mayor's Office related. 

Endawok Abitie, Deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa and Public Service Delivery Cluster Coordinator of the city, and Wolela Hailesselassie, Director of Roha Africa, launched the project today.

As of today, Ethiopia has 11,524 confirmed coronavirus cases, 188 deaths, and 5,506 recoveries.

Source: FBC

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