Ethiopia: Sheger Bread Inaugurated

breadSheger Bread factory, which is owned by MIDROC Ethiopia's subsidiary Horizon Plantation Ethiopia PLC, has been inaugurated today in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, inaugurating the facility, noted the factory serves to show Ethiopia's successful path towards food security.

Built at a cost of 900 million birr, Sheger Bread Factory has a capacity of producing 80,000 loaves of bread per hour or 1.5 million loaves per day, and intends to sell a 100g-loaf of bread at a price of 0.75 birr ($0.022) to the market.

Prime Minister Abiy, hailing the city's advances in various sectors of development, said it is fitting into its name of "New Flower". “There are noises screaming trying to stop Ethiopia’s Prosperity, but there is no force that could stop Ethiopia’s journey towards prosperity,” he said.

Source: FBC


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