Ethiopia Secures Over $2 Bn in Exports in 9 Months

Ethiopia's nine months exports have earned the country $2.09 billion, the Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Industry announced. This year's revenue, compared to the nine-month period last year, has shown a ten percent increase.

However, the Ministry said, the $2.09 billion falls short of the $2.68-billion target set for the period.

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, flower, vegetables and fruits, and Khat exports have surpassed the targets set for each, said Wondimu Filate, Communications Director at the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Natural gums, coffee, electronics, textiles and apparel export have hit over 75 percent of their targets, while tantalum, oilseeds, pulses, meat, species, and tea exports stood at 50 to 74 percent.

The export performances of gold, leather and leather products, and live animals, however, have suffered in the market, achieving under 50 percent of the target set for them.


Source: FBC


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