Ethiopia: Ministry of Agriculture to Distribute 17.89 Mn Quintals of Fertilizers Despite Pandemic

The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture announced it intends to distribute more than 17.89 million quintals of fertilizer this crop season.

Abera Lemma, Public Relations Director at the Ministry, said the Ministry has already started distributing some 14.7 million quintals of the mentioned total of 17.89 million quintals, despite the coronavirus pandemic. While 3.3 million quintals have been handed over to federal and regional warehouses, 11.4 million quintals await transportation from the Port of Djibouti.

This year’s total fertilizer reserve has risen by 17 percent from last year, which is expected to ease shortage, Mr. Abera said.

In addition to the fertilizers, the Ministry, along with other stakeholders, is finalizing preparations to supply over 697,000 quintals of improved seeds.

"COVID-19 will not affect the supply,” Mr.  Abera said. “All protective measures of Covid-19 are taken during all transportation processes into distribution centers as well as to the final destinations, the farmers’ doorsteps."

In an effort to tackle the impact of COVID-19, the Ministry of Agriculture is working closely with the Ministry of Transport, Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLS), and Farmers’ Cooperative Unions, the Public Relations Director mentioned.


Source: The Ethiopian Herald



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