KEFI Minerals Continues Its Ethiopia Operations Despite COVID-19

kefi-operationsKEFI Minerals, an exploration and development company focused on gold and copper deposits, said it remains focused on its projects in Ethiopia despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Kickstarting major site activities in its Tulu Kapi gold project in Ethiopia, as well as delivering on its Hawiah mineral resources project remain its targets during this period.

KEFI Minerals managed to place equity of £3.7 million ($4.48 million) last Monday to maintain the Tulu Kapi project preparations in Ethiopia, despite the challenges COVID-19 posed, including the delays in project-level equity funding from the Ethiopian private sector.

The pacing proceeds, it is reported, will provide KEFI with the funds to enable the closing of the $260 million project financing of Tulu Kapi.

“The current gold price has highlighted the strong investment case for Tulu Kapi to both investors and the Ethiopian government.” Harry Anagnostaras Adams, KEFI Chair remarks.

Source (Including Image): KEFI Minerals Website

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