Ethiopia, Djibouti Agree to Keep Logistics Undeterred while Preventing COVID-19

Ethiopian cargo ship at Port of DjiboutiEthiopia and Djibouti have agreed to keep logistics between them undeterred while combating COVID-19, the Ethiopian Ministry of Transport stated. The two countries reached the consensus after Awel Wegris, Ethiopia’s State Minister of Transport and his colleagues, and Djibouti’s government officials held an in-depth virtual meeting.

During their meeting, the two parties talked about means of keeping the smooth running of logistics services, as the Port of Djibouti is the main point of entry and exit for Ethiopia's import/export trade. They have also agreed that they need to work together to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The use of Tajura Port, which has been built to lessen the over-burdening of Port Djibouti, has also been raised during the discussion, the use of which has been described as "of great benefit." 

Ethiopia and Djibouti have also set up a joint task force to jumpstart Beleho boarding pass. 

As of today (Friday, 15 May 2020), Ethiopia has 287 confirmed cases of coronavirus while Djibouti has 1,284.

Source: Ethiopian Ministry of Transport (Facebook)

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