Over 200,000 New Jobs Created in Ethiopia's Capital in Nine Months, Bureau Says

The Job Creation and Enterprises Development Bureau of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital, announced that it has created job opportunities for 205,477 citizens within the past nine months. Abiot Tadesse, Director of the Bureau, said 167,138 of the new jobs created were for the youth. Again of the total figure, 97,079 were for women and 21,342 were for college graduates.

The Bureau has also created an awareness creation program for 187,316 unemployed citizens in an effort to equip them with the right attitude, the Director noted. 874 enterprises, engaged in manufacturing, construction, service rendering, trade and other sectors, have received working spaces from the Bureau.

Mr. Abiot pointed out that the Bureau has been working to reduce maladministration related to the transfer of working spaces, conducting studies, and implementing office restructuring to address the issue. Both the city and federal governments have "a lot of legal frameworks, structures, and processes that enable us to administer the working places in a proper manner," he said.

A Labor Market Information System that is aimed at addressing the issue of improper documentation mechanism and errors that arise from it is also being implemented, the Director related.

In an effort to provide effective and efficient services, the Ethiopian government has embarked on a "one-window" service framework, which the Addis Ababa Job Creation and Enterprises Development Bureau is keenly implementing, Mr. Abiot indicated.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald


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