Global Leadership, Global Funding Needed to Beat COVID-19, Ethiopian PM Writes on FT

abiy-ahmed-aliEthiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, writing on Financial Times (FT), pointed out “there is a major flaw” in how the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, while the wealthy rush to stimulate their economies without similar meaningful interventions in Africa. If the virus is not defeated in Africa, PM Abiy argues, “It will only bounce back to the rest of the world.” He also called on the G20 to launch a global fund to prevent health systems in Africa from collapsing.

“COVID-19 teaches us that we are all global citizens connected by a single virus that recognizes none of our natural or man-made diversity,” the Prime Minister writes, hence the need for a global strategy to tackle both the human and economic costs. The response needs to be insitutionalized, not ad hoc.

While positive the pandemic can be defeated, the Ethiopian Prime Minister insists it requires global leadership to do so. Without such leadership, “Africa may suffer the worst, yet it will not be the last.”

Highlighting the Ethiopian case as an example, the 2019 Nobel Peace Laureate indicates how fragile most African economies are; a slight disruption in the economic chain might wreck havoc. Consequently, he calls up on the WHO to be empowered so it may coordinate responses globally and directly to assist governments in developing countries. Moreover, he says, the G20 must step up to provide collective leadership, launching a global fund to prevent the collapse of health systems in Africa, along with the provision of budgetatry support to African countries.

“The issue of resolving Africa’s debt burden also needs to be put back on the table as a matter of urgency,” PM Abiy also stresses, calling on Afirca’s development partners to ensure they do not hold back in their support. “If such aid were ever necessary in Africa, it is now more than ever before.”

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had recently taken up an initiative to distribute throughout Africa COVID-19 prevention supplies donations from the Jack Ma Foundation.

Source: Financial Times

Image Source: Abiy Ahmed Ali (Twitter)


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