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Ethiopia Expects to Join WTO in 2 Years

Ethiopia's parliament, the House of People's Representatives, announced its expectation that Ethiopia's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will be completed in two years.

“The accession is believed to come into fruition by the end of 2021, ” Zewdu Kebede, Trade Sub-committee Chairperson of the House’s Trade and Industry Affairs Standing Committee, told the Ethiopian Herald, He went on to say Ethiopia has done a lot in an effort to fulfill requirements stipulated to join WTO. 

Recalling the Standing Committee's meeting with a team of delegates from WTO, Mr. Zewdu pointed out the delegates have been pleased with Ethiopia's recent efforts in joining the organization, and that they appreciated the economic reform agenda of the Ethiopian government.

The economic reform, Mr. Zewdu pointed out, are significant factors in the accession process to join WTO, as it covers important aspects such as those of privatization, due attention to the private sector, the principle of ease of doing business, and attraction of foreign direct investment.

If the efforts continue apace, the accession will be finalized by 2021, he said, mentioning the comments of Alan Wolff, WTO’s Deputy Director-General.

Ethiopia resumed talks to join WTO recently, after a 16-year pause.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald