Ethiopia Requires $6.5 Bn to Attain Universal Access to Electricity by 2025, Ministry Says

Ethiopia's Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Energy declared Ethiopia needs $6.5 billion to ensure universal access to electricity in the country by 2025.

This was disclosed at a consultation meeting the Ministry held today with representatives of the World Bank Group, the European Union (EU) and other development partners.

Firehiwot Woldehanna (Ph.D.), Ethiopia's State Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy, said Ethiopia intends to achieve universal access to electricity by 2025. To make this happen by generating power from renewable resources, he said, financing of some $6.5 billion is required.

So far, 7 towns/cities have access to electricity from renewable resources, the State Minister pointed out. He also called on the private sector to play "a leading role" in raising Ethiopia's power generation capacity.

Source: FBC


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