Ethiopian Manufacturers Compete to Produce Standard Packaging for Flower Exports

Five Ethiopian packaging manufacturers applied for quality certification to produce the standard boxes for flower exports. The standard packaging was established by the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise.

The five companies requiring certification for the production of the packaging are Addis Ahadu packaging plc, Balaji Packaging plc, Burayu Development plc, DA packaging plc and Ethio pulp and paper SC.

The companies have presented sample boxes manufactured according to the specifications set and which are undergoing testing by the ECAE. The ECAE is expected to announce the results of the testing in two weeks time.

The ECAE set mandatory specification for the packing and exporting of flowers following the directive that changed the unit of measurement for exported cut flowers from stem count to weight.  

The standard for the boxes was established by a committee made up of representatives from regulatory and inspection bodies as well as testing and research institutes from across the nation.

The requisites established for the standard packaging include raw materials to be used in production, minimum compression, maximum weight and transportation and handling requirements.  

Flower exporters will be required to use the standard packaging only after the certification of the manufactures is finalized.
After the certification of the companies, flower producers which used to use a box of their own preferences are now obliged to use the standard boxes.  

It is to be remembered that the Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency is testing the draft directive, changing the unit of measurement of exported flowers to weight from stem count, on selected exporters. The testing is being conducted for two weeks as of the 11th of November before the draft directive is passed.

Source: Addis Fortune

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