China's 2nd Largest Textile Company To Set Up Plant in Ethiopia

shanghai-bole-lemmiShangtex Holding Co. Ltd., China's second-largest textile company, is to set up a $65 million plant at Bole Lemmi II Industrial Park. To this end, the company signed a lease agreement with the Ethiopian Industrial Parks Development Corporation.

Inking the agreement with Shangtex Holding Co. Ltd. was Lelise Neme, CEO of the Ethiopian Industrial Parks Development Corporation (EIPDC). 

Shangtex Holding's plant will create an employment opportunity for more than 4,000 workers, it was noted.

Lelise said on Twitter that the company will invest $65 million at the industrial park and create jobs for more than 4,000 people.

Source (Including Image): Official Twitter Account of Lelise Neme, CEO of EIPDC


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