Ethiopian Capital to Construct Two New Water Reservoirs

The city administration of Addis Ababa is going ahead with plans to build new water dams to meet the increasing water demands of the Ethiopian capital. The dams are expected to cost an estimated 8 billion birr.

The water reservoirs are expected to incorporate water treatment plants and supply 688,500 cubic meters of water a day increasing the water supply to Addis Ababa substantially.

The water from the new dams will enter the city via a tunnel passing through Mount Entoto which is a factor increasing the cost of building the reservoirs.

The two dams will be constructed on the Sibilu and Gerbi rivers located beyond Mount Entoto on the North-Western boundary of the city according to Asegid Getachew, General Manager of the Addis Ababa Water and Sewage Authority.  

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development secured financing for the project from the World Bank. 

The Addis Ababa city administration dug more water wells in Oromia Regional State when the city’s water supply was at about 50% of the demand three years ago. The supply at the current time is about 70% and is expected reach 100% in the next two years according to the city administration.

The water supply for Addis Ababa at the present comes from three water reservoirs, the Dire, Legadadi and Gefersa Dams as well as the Akaki Wells.  

Source: The Reporter

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