Ethiopia-Djibouti-France Business Networking Meeting Held in Djibouti

The first edition of Ethiopia-Djibouti-France business networking meeting was held in Djibouti yesterday. The business networking meeting had a goal of discussing investment opportunities, technology transfer and know-how among the three countries.

Abdulaziz Mohammed, Ethiopian Ambassador to Djibouti, thanking Djibouti for hosting the networking meeting, as well as the African Free Trade Area business forum, said showcasing the engagement of the three nations' chambers of commerce is likely to boost trade and investment partnerships.

Mr. Abdulaziz added such platforms serve as the basis for members of the African business community to meet with industry partners and prospective customers. They will also be able to examine recent market trends and opportunities while boosting product brands in Africa and beyond.

Yousouf Moussa Dawaleh, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti and Chairperson of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, ways of sharing know-how and technical skills should be there for the capacity of the chambers of commerce to develop.

Arnoud Guillois, French Ambassador to Djibouti, for his part, drew attention to an increase in interest among French companies in exploring investment opportunities in the region. This, the Ambassador remarked, contributes highly to facilitating trade on the Ethiopia-Djibouti corridor. In this light, he said, the upcoming France-Africa meeting will give due focus for infrastructural connectivity.

Ethiopian delegates gave a presentation on trade and investment opportunities in Ethiopia during the meeting, highlighting existing and potential business ties both with Djibouti and France. The delegates mentioned Ethiopia aims to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of raw materials in Africa and has made remarkable improvements in this direction.

As a witness to Ethiopia's commitment to facilitating the business and investment atmosphere, the Ethiopian delegates mentioned the establishment of the Ethiopian Investment Commission as an autonomous body accountable to the Ethiopian Investment Board, chaired by the Prime Minister.

To this end, the establishment of the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) as an autonomous government institution accountable to the country’s Investment Board, which is chaired by the Prime Minister facilitates the smooth handling of investment establishments in the country.

11 Djiboutian and 91 French Businesses are jointly or individually engaged in investment activities in Ethiopia currently, according to the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Source: FBC


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