Ethiopia to Host Africa Fintech Summit 2019

africa-fintech-2019Addis Ababa is to host the 2019 Africa Fintech Summit (AFTS). Ethiopia presents unparalleled opportunities for fintech, thanks to extensive infrastructure investments across the last two decades, an ambitious structural reform agenda, and imminent liberalization of the telecom and finance sectors, the Summit said on its website.

The Africa Fintech Summit will gather disruptors, tech and finance professionals, regulators, and investors from across Africa and the world in Africa’s political capital, Addis Ababa, the organizers say. And, as Africa’s fastest-growing economy and the continent’s second-most-populous country, Ethiopia is at the precipice of unprecedented change, they add. The Summit is scheduled to take place on 21 November 2019, at the Sheraton Addis in Addis Ababa.

In this premier global initiative dedicated to financial technology in Africa, as the organizers call it, leading innovators, investors and policymakers from all over the globe will come together, representing private equity and venture capital funding exceeding $4.5 billion.

The Summit, which is on its fourth edition, will focus on the future of banking, mobile money growth and integration, policy and regulation, blockchain, digital identity, remittances, and financial inclusion.

AFTS strategic partners include the Corporate Council on Africa, the US State Department, the US-Nigeria Council, the Congo Business Network, and PeaceTech Lab.

Organizing AFTS are Dedalus Global, an investment and communications advisory firm focusing on emerging markets and emerging technologies, and by Ibex Frontier, an investment consultancy and route-to-Ethiopian-market advisory.

Source (Including Image): AFTS Website


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