Ethiopia-France Business Forum Opens in Paris

Ethiopia-France Business and Investment Forum opened today, in Paris, France.

Demeke Mekonnen, Ethiopia's Deputy Minister, said Ethiopia is an investment destination endowed with diverse cultures. He further noted Ethiopia is implementing various reform programs to realize sustainable growth and to achieve rapid inclusive growth.

Mr. Demeke highlighted trade and investment as key areas to enhance cooperation between Ethiopia and France. His government, the deputy prime minister said, is determined on creating a favorable investment climate for foreign investors. 

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke, prior to the forum, has met and discussed with Africa's Committee members of the Mouvement des entreprises de France (MEDEF) International, the Movement of the Enterprises of France, the largest employer federation in the country. During their discussion, he gave the committee members a briefing on Ethiopia's reform programs to encourage investment. 

MEDEF International's Africa's Committee members commended the homegrown economic reform agenda of the Ethiopian government while pledging increased investment in Ethiopia.

Source: FBC


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