Ethiopia-Tunisia Business Forum Held in Addis

An Ethiopia - Tunisia business forum was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia yesterday. Over fifty investors from Tunisia and members of the business community in Ethiopia have taken part in the forum.

Markos Tekle (Ph.D.), Ethiopia's State Minister of Foreign Affairs, speaking at the opening said the forum plays a significant role in strengthening the trade and investment relations between Ethiopia and Tunisia. Highlighting that Ethiopia is attracted towards the markets of Europe and the US, Dr. Markos said it stands to benefit if Ethiopia increases trade ties with fellow African countries, not the least with Tunisia, which has one of the strongest economies in the continent. He also called on investors from Tunisia to invest in Ethiopia.

Hatem Ferjani, Tunisia's State Minister of Foreign Affairs, for his part, remarked the two countries are ready more than ever before to strengthen their relations in trade and investment.

With the intent of strengthening trade and investment relations between Ethiopia and Tunisia, the forum discussed encompassed topics in areas of trade, investment, ICT, tourism, education, agriculture, women and children affairs.

Source: FBC


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