Ethiopia Resumes Sending Domestic Workers to Saudi Arabia

Since agreements have been signed between Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia regarding Ethiopian domestic workers in the latter a few months back, Ethiopia has begun sending trained domestic workers abroad.

Nebyat Getachew, Spokesperson to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, said 75 domestic workers have legally parted for Saudi Arabia.

Ms. Nebyat further noted that agreements such as the ones with Saudi Arabia have been signed with the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Jordan. It is to be recalled that travels to Saudi Arabia as domestic workers have been banned for over four years on grounds of gaps of protection and safety for workers.

In a related note, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repatriated 280 prisoners and 273 citizens without residence permits from Saudi Arabia, as well as 64 from Kenyan prisons. The Ministry continues to follow the cases of about 150 Ethiopians arrested in a recent crackdown in Johannesburg’s Central Business District, South Africa, the Spokesperson pointed out.

Source: ENA

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