Ethiopia Kick Starts National Plan to Curb Contraband, Illicit Trade

The Ethiopian government said it is embarking on a national plan to curb contraband and illicit trade. Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia, said, besides the stress it puts on the economy, contraband is becoming "an issue of sovereignty"

For the plan to be successful, the Deputy PM emphasized, stakeholders at all levels must join hands. In spite of massive work on the part of the government seeking to ensure the sustainability of the ongoing comprehensive transformation, contraband and illicit trade are still becoming a big challenge, he noted.

“We should act collectively now to prevent contraband and illicit trade, as it is a cancer for our economy,” Mr. Demeke said.

The Deputy PM pointed out controlling contraband is a key priority for the government in the 2012 Ethiopian year, which begins in September 2019.

Adanech Abebe, Minister of Revenues, for her part indicated much has been done to prevent contraband and illicit trade in the recently concluded Ethiopian budget year. However, she observed, the problem remains to be addressed.

Source: Fana BC

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