Ethiopia: 3 Wood Processing Factories to be Built at $111 Mn

Abay Industrial Development S.C. (AID) is to build three wood processing factories in Ethiopia's Amhara regional state at a cost of $111 million (over 3.2 billion birr).

Endalkachew Gashaw, Coordinator of the wood processing corporation at AID, said the preparations are "nearing completion" to start functioning. The three factories are located in the towns of Debre Tabor, Woldia, and Debre Berhan. 

Mr. Endalkachew said the factories aim to supply the country with wood products that are being imported and go on to export Ethiopian wood to the global market. 

Melaku Alebel, Board Chairperson of AID and head of the Amhara regional state's industry and investment bureau, said the AID board will do all it needs to, to ensure the timely completion of the factories with the required qualities.

It was further noted that the wood processing factories will create employment for 5,000 workers once they go operational. 

Source: Fana BC


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