Ethiopia to Host the 2019 African Space Leadership Congress

The 8th African Space Leadership Congress (ASLC) on Space Science and Technology for Sustainable Development themed "Prospects and Challenges of African Space Development," will be conducted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 2 – 4 December 2019. The congress is aimed at capitalizing efforts of African nations on space technologies to address key socio-economic challenges and harnessing the opportunities that space science and technology could provide.

The main focus areas of this congress are: assessment of space programs in Africa; space research and development; space policy, strategy and implementation and participation of the youth and women in aerospace. Besides, issues like the voice of Africa towards equity in the utilization of space resources, space commerce, and entrepreneurship, space for peace and diplomacy as well as collaboration in space will be discussed. The congress will serve as a primary and empirical platform for political leaders, space agencies, space vendors, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers and technologists, regional and international space institutions to address major issues. It will also link and network Africa with the rest of the world and allow showcasing space products and services.

The 8th ASLC is expected to have about 200 participants, which will be distinguished professionals, politicians, business people and companies of the space industry, youth and women from all African countries and international collaborating nations as well as the public and private space institutions.

The congress is expected to come forth with: an adopted constitution that will govern the members, the congress and the secretariat; a resolution that contains fundamental decisions and directions for future action; proceedings of the congress and the way forward and recommendations for member countries, African space institutions, vendors and the global space community. The ASLC will also create business opportunities to expand the market for the space industry.

Source: African Space Leadership Congress (ASLC) Statement


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