US-Ethiopia Business Dialogue Forum Being Held in Addis


A US-Ethiopia business dialogue forum has opened in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, at the Sheraton Addis.

The business dialogue forum aims to be an engagement platform to raise awareness of Ethiopia’s recent economic reform and emerging investment opportunities, accelerate American investments and envision a new future of engagement between Ethiopia and the US, Abebe Abebayehu, Commissioner of the Ethiopian Investment Commission, said in a tweet.

Mr. Abebe further noted the forum is a follow up to the US-Ethiopia Partnership Forum held in Washington D.C. in May. The prior was the first of its kind US-Ethiopia Partnership Forum (EPF) which took place in Washington D.C., May 15-16, 2019. 

It is to be recalled that EPF brought 400 business leaders together with Ethiopian and U.S. government officials to learn about investment opportunities and discuss a variety of areas including issues including access to capital, infrastructure in the telecom and power sectors, agriculture and smarter value chain, startups as an engine of growth, and the economic role of creative industries.

Source (Including Image): Twitter account of Abebe Abebayehu, Commisioner of EIC; and 2Merkato archive


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