Shares of Three Ethiopia's EFFORT Companies to be Sold

effort-companiesEthiopia's Tigrai regional state disclosed plans to sell shares in three of the companies under the umbrella of the conglomerate, the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT). The three companies whose shares will be offered for sale are Mesebo Cement factory, SUR Construction, and Trans Ethiopia, all private limited companies.

Abraham Tekeste (Ph.D.), head of the Tigray Urban Development, Trade and Industry bureau with the rank of Deputy Chief Administrator, said preparations have been finalized to sell the shares. Dr. Tekeste said the shares will be open to being sold at the International Tigray Diaspora festival, scheduled to take place this month. 

Dr. Abraham, calling members of the Diaspora community to take part in buying the shares, said further preparations have been made to attract more investment to the region.

Source: Fana BC


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