Indian Apparel Maker KPR Inaugurates Plants in Mekelle, Ethiopia

An Indian integrated textile manufacturing company, KPR Group, inaugurated its plant at Mekelle Industrial Park in the region of Tigray, Ethiopia. The plant cost KPR $2.5 million.

KPR Group made its first apparel export from the Mekelle Industrial Park to Europe in January 2019, and so far has exported over 200,000 units in two-rounds.

Debretsion Gebremichael (PhD), Deputy Chief Administrator of the region of Tigray, lauded the inauguration of the plant for the part it will play in Ethiopia’s industrial transformation. The company has created employment for over 700 workers, it was learnt.

Dr. Debretsion further used the occasion to reveal that a presence “special oil deposit” at the mountainous areas of Ambalage, Nebelet and Adigrat has been confirmed by a study. The production, he said, will proceed to action by “crashing and melting stones,” and global companies may be called in to take part due to the vast amount of investment the resource might require to utilize.

Source: Fana BC


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