Ethiopia Laying First Ever 10 Year Perspective Development Plan

The Ethiopian Planning and Development Commission said it is preparing Ethiopia’s first-ever ten-year Perspective Development Plan. The plan, when finalized by June 2020, will encompass the period from July 2020 to 2030. This will enable it to line up with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Fitsum Assefa, Planning and Development Commissioner, said the plan has gathered inputs in macroeconomics, industrialization, agricultural transformation, human resource development, energy, transport and services, urban development and housing, population and development, and hydro economics. She also pointed out the ten-year plan follows bottom-up approach, enabling the full participation of stakeholders, including business persons, civic associations, and development partners.

The Commissioner further said efforts are underway to start result-based monitoring and evaluation system, with better emphasis on accountability, which is preferable in such cases over the usual process-based system. To this end, key result areas and performance indicators are under preparation, also ensuring the involvement of relevant government executive institutions in series of discussions and agreements, she related.

Source: ENA


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