Ethiopian's CEO: Airlines Busy as Always

Ethiopian Airlines Logo flagTewolde GebreMariam, Ethiopian’s Group CEO, said the airlines has continues flying to destinations all over the world according to its usual schedule. Mr. Tewolde visited Addis Ababa’s Bole International Airport, the biggest hub in Africa, as it kept running its operations smoothly.

“Today alone, Ethiopian has conducted 300 flights as always. There are also 30 scheduled flights for this night,” the Group CEO said. He also pointed out that passengers’ confidence on the Ethiopian remained steady, despite the accident on last Sunday.
Mr. Tewolde said the airport is “as busy as always,” offering its usual service, suffering no differences in the number of flights it accommodates. He also emphasized that no flights have been cancelled or delayed due to the accident.
Ethiopian Airlines has grounded its B737 Max fleet, the model of the airplane which crashed last Sunday, right after the accident “until further notice,” while the rest of the world continues to do the same. Ethiopian’s Group CEO added that his airlines and Boeing will provide the necessary support for the ongoing investigation of the crash.

Source: Fana BC


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