The Oxford Handbook of the Ethiopian Economy Released

oxford-handbookOxford University Press released a new book on Ethiopian economy, dubbed The Oxford Handbook of the Ethiopian Economy, with an aim to present the analysis of the country’s economy in the past and the present, and that prospects where the economy is headed in the future.

The Oxford Handbook of Ethiopian Economy delves into an examination of the structural transformation of Ethiopia’s economic policy and reviews literature related to the Ethiopian economy.

Oxford University Press disclosed that the book examines the economic policies of structural transformation through an extensive review of literature on the Ethiopian economy while covering both agricultural and rural transformation and the importance of industrial policy and the role of urbanization in facilitating industrialization. The book also considers the social dimensions of structural transformation, and it applies the lessons learned from Ethiopia's unique development model to Africa more broadly.

Adam Swallow, Commissioning Editor of Oxford University Press, speaking on the occasion of the book’s launching ceremony remarked that the publishing of the book “brings together engaging and proactive analytical contributions in a systematic and cohesive way, and sets the research agenda for the future.” He further indicated that as a central theme, the book looks into the economic transformation of Ethiopia and explores its history, policy performance and structural change during the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

The book, which took five years, is comprised of 50 chapters and over 70 contributors have taken part in the preparation of the book.

Editors of the 1,008-page book are: Senior Researcher and Emeritus Professor Centre at Leiden University, Fantu Cheru; Professor of Political Economy of Development of University of London, Christopher Cramer, and Special Advisor of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Arkebe Oqubay.

Oxford University Press’s interest to publish such a book came from the fast economic growth Ethiopia registered for the past twenty years, Swallow explained.

Sources: ENA, Oxford University Press

Top Image Source: Oxford University Press


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